Behind the Scenes of KennedyC Travel Season

Alex Seidenstricker and Kristin Kupres
Account Executives

The start of fall also marks the start of our Account Executive (AE) department’s busiest time - travel season. During this period, AE’s visit our clients to plan and solidify the next year’s advertising.

Instead of holding these planning meetings at the KennedyC office, we choose to visit our clients. This give us a great opportunity to get an in-depth look at where and how clients operate their business and serve customers.

In addition to these planning meetings, we use the time to tour different facilities and warehouses for more insight into our client’s products and services. And we continue building relationships by getting to know clients on a personal level.

A Typical AE Travel Schedule

We know how important every media dollar is for our clients, especially those with smaller advertising budgets, so we try to be as efficient as possible with our travel schedules.

Work trips for our account executives usually begin early. We schedule morning flights so AEs can arrive in town to hold meetings late morning or early to mid afternoon.

Most clients we meet with are part of co-op groups. Before each meeting, there is usually some open time for friendly conversation or catching up with colleagues.

Kennedy volunteers to be the secretary at client meetings, so we always begin with reviewing past meeting notes to make sure we recorded the last meeting accurately. We also discuss any follow-up items at this time.

The bottom line and business growth are always most important to our clients, so we additionally begin by reviewing sales growth and budgets.

Following this initial review, we turn our attention to analysis of current marketing initiatives and share our findings of what may or may not have worked based on our extensive tracking. We also want the client to use this portion of the meeting to weigh in with their thoughts on specific offers, success of advertising campaigns, and strategies.

These discussions include television and radio advertising, website improvements, social media marketing and other traditional or digital platforms. It’s not uncommon for us to make mid-year media adjustments, since we believe in adapting to the realities of changing market conditions and client priorities.

At this point, we move into discussion of strategy and recommended initiatives for the upcoming year.

If we are meeting with a group of clients, we try to make time before and after the formal meeting to follow up with individual clients on a one-to-one basis. This allows us to check in on local dealership performance and continue to build client relationships on a personal level.

And just like we strive for efficiency of client marketing plans, we also travel very efficiently. Our AEs are truly road warriors, checking emails and following up with other clients from airports or the road so they can be completely engaged and focused in meetings.

Importance and Benefits of Visiting Clients

With the digital nature of our world, it is no longer most convenient to meet with clients in person. However, that makes it more important than ever to have face-to-face conversations.

Traveling to see clients is an extremely important part of being a KennedyC account executive. Being able to tour our clients’ businesses and see how they are run gives us information that we use in our marketing.

By ‘walking in the shoes of our clients’ and picking up unique stories that don’t always come across in email or phone conversations, we are able to integrate those into our content. Which in turn results in more effective messaging and success.

Travel season has also afforded us the chance to get to know many great people and their families. This is a large benefit, because it instills a trust that is crucial to the agency-client relationship.

And while travel can be hard work, it gives us an opportunity to see different parts of the country that we might not visit on our own time. 

Our account executives often come back with some crazy stories. Whether it’s nearly hitting an elk in a rental car or Bill knowing the location of every gas station with a hot dog roller in rural Iowa.


Our dedicated account executive team at KennedyC continues to put in a lot of work and miles to provide the best service and recommendations to our clients.

If you are interested in working with us for any or all of your marketing needs, feel free to get in touch.