Community Leadership and its Impact on Professional Development

Kristin Kupres
Senior Account Executive

Here at KennedyC, our employees constantly look for new ways to expand their skills - both personally and professionally. With more than six years of experience participating in a number of different organizations, I have found that community leadership can have a huge impact on professional development.

Becoming involved in community and industry-focused groups provides numerous personal and professional benefits. Like meeting like-minded people, learning more about your industry and seeing a new side to your community.

Meeting Like-Minded People

One of the best parts of my own leadership involvement has been meeting talented, innovative and like-minded people that care about the community and advertising industry as much as I do.

Harnessing mutual passions can lead to the sharing of new ideas or strategies that move organizations forward. As a five-year board member for the American Advertising Federation of Madison (AAF-Madison), I’ve met many different business professionals, executives and owners.

Building this network has been invaluable to my life. Because many people you meet become so much more than a business connection - they become mentors and friends.

And these like-minded people aren’t always your peers. Finding your passion and sharing it with your community or industry can set a great example for the next generation of young business leaders.

Learning More About Your Industry

One of AAF Madison’s main objectives is the ongoing development of the advertising, marketing and communications community in the greater Madison area. To do this, AAF provides a wide range of programming and educational speakers.

We bring in nationally recognized speakers from coast to coast to get leading perspectives and best practices on many different topics. These programs impact the way we think and work. And here at KennedyC, they impact the strategies we recommend to our clients.

In the past five years, I’ve attended over 40 educational programs. Each one has taught me something that changed the way I think about a certain communications strategy or media.

This culture of continuous learning is important to our agency as a whole. Thirteen years ago our founder and president, Bill Kennedy, attended an AAF presentation discussing digital and its future impact on advertising.

Because of this program, Bill made the decision to build out an in-house digital department, which has now grown to 14 employees.

Learning More about Your Community

Becoming involved in leadership roles additionally leads to personal and professional growth by making you aware of other organizations having an impact on your community. Seeing these first hand can teach you more about the needs of your community. And what your organization can do to bridge the gap.

Participating in community and volunteer positions also allows you to cultivate listening and storytelling skills, which helps in building client relationships back at the office.


Devoting the time to take on leadership positions in your community or industry can pay off in numerous ways. In addition to learning new skills and strategies to be used with clients, building a positive network and deepening your connection with the community will result in personal growth as well.

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