Content Marketing Spelled Out

Content marketing can include print, digital, mobile and billboard ads. It is no longer limited to traditional advertising. Content must also be created for websites, instruction manuals, packaging, tweets, status updates and so much more. When content is hovering in every available space - how do you determine what’s bad, good or great?

Let’s start with a breakdown of the word itself.


The way your brand communicates can positively or negatively impact the bottom line. Content can communicate products and services offered, lower prices and premiums compared to competition, or when the brand is running a promotion and sale. It can also communicate your brand’s unique values, mission and culture.

The messaging strategy of your brand should align with the platform it is being promoted on. Instagram is a highly visual platform. Twitter limits text to 140 characters. Facebook reaches users in nearly every demographic and psychographic simultaneously. Your brand can reap the benefits of each social platform whether you’re B2B or B2C, so long as your message is constructed with strategy.

When communicating as a brand, it is also beneficial to remain conversational. Conversational communication takes your brand from, “sales obsessed,” to “customer focused.” Consumers use social media to communicate, complain and collect information. As a brand, you want to approach these inquiries in a conversational way to best serve your current customers and potential customer base.


Whether your brand is posting in the social sphere or competing for physical retail space, your story needs to be original. Every brand has a story, but not every brand has a compelling story.

Be creative; think outside the box. Don’t be afraid to take a shot at an emotional appeal or make a bold statement. Switching up content or executing a new campaign allows your brand an opportunity to stand out. But make sure you are using a tone and voice that remains consistent and true to your brand while doing so.


In addition to being original, your content needs to be noticeable. Content is always competing for attention in an overcrowded social space. How do you ensure that your brand is heard above the noise?

Certain types of content, like an attractive image, can be attention grabbing. Content needs to not only capture your audience, but retain it as well.

Some brands achieve notoriety through humor or sarcasm, while others use statistical information and factual data. Whatever message you choose - execute it in a way that your audience will remember and identify with.


Timeliness is key.

If the content being promoted is delivered too early, too late, or lacking relevant information, it isn’t going to make a lasting impact.

Sales and coupons expire, breaking news becomes outdated, and a product update eventually becomes a product discontinuation. Quality content is content that is pushed to the right target audience at the right time.


What is often expected is not frequently executed. Focus on these concepts while considering the expectations of your brand:

  • Consistent Delivery: The compelling story that makes your brand original comes with one tone and one voice. Stay true to your brand and don’t worry about how other brands are delivering content.
  • Appropriateness: Whether it’s an offensive image, tasteless joke, or insensitive language- proceed with caution. Humor doesn’t have to be crude. Engaging content doesn’t have to be offensive. Keep it classy, your crisis communication team will thank you later.
  • Target audience: Be specific. Take time to research, conduct focus groups and develop intricate data concerning your audience. Create personas of your exact demographic and psychographic. And once your brand establishes a persona - target, target, target.


As a brand, you determine what your audience needs to know and wants to see. That being said, your audience needs to see content that directly impacts them. Consider location. If you’re pushing content relevant to one region of the country, it may not be applicable to your audience in another region. Don’t hesitate to target a smaller audience to keep the relevancy of your content high.


As a brand, one of your best assets is the truth. Be honest and transparent with your audience. Don’t execute any form of bait-and-switch content. And don’t take shortcuts. Your brand needs to be relevant, sincere and credible 365 days of the year.


At KennedyC, we take content marketing seriously. We resourcefully use text, imagery and video to create the best possible content for our clients. Everything we promote is communicative, original, noticeable, timely, expected, newsworthy and trustworthy.

The KennedyC content motto?

“Great content is always worth fighting for.” - Carly Vogel, Content Specialist