Different Every Day - Managing the KennedyC Office

Lisa Helt
Office Manager

The role of Office Manager comes in many different shapes and sizes depending on the industry. What does the role look like at KennedyC? Well, a lot of different things.

General Tasks

From organizing staff meetings to ordering office supplies, managing an office at a mid-size advertising agency looks different every day.

Some days the position requires booking travel for account executives. Or adjusting to last minute travel changes. Other days the position demands the assembling of packets and replacing of printer ink.

Another role handled by the office manager is human resources. These tasks include scheduling company holidays and time off, training and onboarding new employees, and scheduling team building activities or out-of-office events.

But in addition to organization and human resources, a KennedyC office manager needs to be a creative problem solver.

Creativity is needed for the stocking of snack cabinets for 30+ people on a budget. While still making sure that everyone has access to their favorite treats.


In an environment that requires flexibility and adaptation, constant multitasking and frequent interruptions could become overwhelming.

However, this occasionally chaotic work space is also one of the best parts of working in the agency. Everyone is willing to help. It’s a great balance of department and agency collaboration.

Daily Interactions

There are a few things this role can expect on a daily basis.

The first? Overhearing bits and pieces of interesting conversations. Whether the content team is discussing a new creative concept or account executives are chatting about strategies, hearing those conversations is always entertaining.

Another daily interaction for a KennedyC office manager involves frequent deliveries. With the recent remodel of our new meeting space, furniture deliveries of all kinds became the norm.

At KennedyC, our office environment is created by all of the wonderful people we have on staff. Looking to join our team? Check out our Careers page for current openings.