Media Buying Season - The Most Wonderful (and Hectic) Time of Year

Molly Coplan
Media Buyer

With the holidays approaching, our media department finds itself in the merriest yet busiest time of year - media buying season.

KennedyC started as a media agency. And while we have grown to add experts in virtually every field of marketing, Bill Kennedy’s roots were first planted in the buying business.

It’s why our team continues to excel at building the most efficient plans for clients. Let’s learn more.

Preparing for a Media Buy

Before any buying takes place, we begin with something called Flowchart Mania. This agency wide meeting sorts out the budgets that different departments will need to meet their optimal goals for the next year.

Once all departments decide on budgets, our account executives solidify the plans.

To do this, the AEs hold annual fall planning meetings with all clients. These meetings are where we get approval on the allocation of funds for the following year’s media plans.

Building a Buy 101

As far as the actual buying process goes, it starts with the media department reaching out to the top two to four major television stations in each one of our targeted Designated Market Areas (DMA).

In connecting with the stations, we receive their avails. These detail the ratings and rates associated with each TV station's programming.

We primarily buy news programming because almost everyone watches it live. Ensuring that people see our spots in real time. Plus, for many of our clients, it fits our target demographic.

It’s important to note that rates can vary from quarter to quarter. When placing buys, our media team has to be very strategic in allocating appropriate dollar amounts to each quarter.

The ultimate goal is to reach an optimal rating point level. If we do not have sufficient budget to reach it, we get as close as possible.

Streamlining Buys for Our Clients

Once we have a 'rough draft' of each buy, our media buyers double check point levels compared to the amount of money spent.

If we are not reaching our goals, we reach back out to the TV station reps. This time, asking for revised rates so that we can hopefully reach our point goals and possibly at a lower cost.

Since we have developed relationships with these reps over the years, most are able and willing to work with us on rates.

The Importance of Timeliness in Media Buying

For the media team, having our busiest season during the holidays can be stressful. However, this process is always worth it in the end.

Because our team places buys so early, and for the entire year, we typically get the best rates for our clients.

It’s also worth noting that if an advertiser is willing to pay more for a TV spot, others may get bumped. However, there’s a general rule that the first advertiser to buy a TV spot will be the last one kicked out.


Our savvy team of buyers puts in the hard work to achieve the most cost effective and successful media plans for clients. With all clients considered, this comes out to be more than 70 different plans in DMAs across the nation.  

If you are interested in working with KennedyC on your next media plan, contact us anytime to learn more.