Maximizing Client Budget with Media Post Buying

Maximizing Client Budget With Media Post Buying

Media post buying is very important when it comes to your brand’s television advertising strategy. And it directly impacts your overall marketing budget. Here at KennedyC, we consider post buying a difference maker in our media department.

Post buying ensures that all rating points purchased and guaranteed from television stations are delivered in full. But it is often an expensive and time-consuming process. Not only do we take the time, we also invest the money to subscribe to the data and software necessary to complete this process.

Our team of buyers save clients large amounts of money each year by putting in the extra work to make sure every TV buy is as efficient as possible. Let’s break down the post buying process.

What is Media Post Buying?

The first step of post buying involves utilizing our purchased software and data to run a post buy report. This report is a summary of all shows that ran our client’s ad along with the number of rating points that each show received.

The number of earned rating points per station is based on how many people actually watched a certain program. If we see that the amount of rating points earned is lower than 90 percent of what was predicted for the original buy, the station has under delivered.

Once this happens, it is the station’s responsibility to send our media team an under delivery schedule. An under delivery schedule consists of no-charge TV spots. These are “free” to us since we've already paid for a specific number of points.

The bonus spots we receive run on programs similar to our original buy. Therefore, all ratings not originally delivered as promised are obtained for clients.

Reclaiming these rating points is vital to the success of our television buying strategy. Without post buying, our client's money is being spent with no chance to hold station accountable to their promised performance.

Differences Between Underdelivery and Overdelivery

As much as we try to avoid under delivery, we also monitor rating points to make sure excess over delivery does not occurs. Over delivery is categorized as anything more than 110 percent.

This may seem counterintuitive. After all, over delivery means that we receive more rating points than originally purchased, for free.

However, our team of media buying specialists aims to create the most efficients buys possible. If the station over delivers, it can cause too much exposure to our client's ads.

This additional exposure means that we could have spent some of the money allocated for TV elsewhere.

The Value in Media Post Buying

As an agency, we pride ourselves on making sure clients are getting the best value for all of their marketing efforts.

While we pull post buy reports monthly, not many competitors even post buy at all. This is due to the time and investment in data that is needed.

However, media post buying allows us to save clients thousands of dollars each year. The client success makes it more than worth it.

And in addition to the budget benefits, post buying allows us the opportunity to become more familiar with our markets and the local stations in those markets. This helps us determine which shows are most popular in the area within our target demographic.


Media post buying is a great way to get more out of your brand’s television advertising efforts. Our media buying team at KennedyC continues to put in this extra work to ensure that all clients maximize reach in the most streamlined and cost-effective way.

If you are interested in working with KennedyC on your next TV buy, feel free to give us a call to learn more.