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Are you looking for a position in a fast-paced creative company filled with a fantastic team of talented professionals immersed in the exciting world of advertising? Look no further than Kennedy Communications. Come join our team and put your coordination and organizational skills to work.

The agency project coordinator is responsible for the internal scheduling of work throughout the agency. This person is an assertive multi-tasker and effective communicator to make sure things run smoothly. They will be the in-between person for the account executive team and the specialists. The agency project coordinator reviews all jobs entering the project management system and assigns a step-by-step schedule of completion to each of those jobs as it is entered. The agency project coordinator coordinates movement of all jobs through all agency departments (data, media, social, creative, web, PPC).Are you our perfect candidate?

  • Reviews all new projects entered and notifies account executives, when necessary, of additional materials, information, etc., required to complete scheduled projects.
  • Reviews all projects entered and coordinates with each team lead involved to confirm timelines, content required from other teams and outside vendor considerations
  • “Owns” traffic document - adds project initially + adjust status, timelines and notes as needed
  • Reviews daily work schedule with production manager, creatives, production artists, and interactive/web development staff.
  • Reviews any project changes from account executives/clients and copies to affected agency personnel.
  • Revises schedules and distributes to all departments a daily “Hot Sheet,” listing the most pressing jobs for the day and their current status, including any “crisis jobs” that may push deadlines for existing schedule. Also publishes a weekly production status report and holds weekly meeting to advise all departments of schedules and job statuses.
  • Expedites all “crisis jobs.” Majority of work should flow through creative/production on a reasonable, scheduled basis.
  • Communicates regularly with account executives and media about the current status of all jobs in progress.
  • Regulates time to allow for an internal review of all concepts with account executives.
  • Archives and maintains any in-house client mechanicals/original artwork, digital production file backups, and photo files according to the agency archiving process.
  • Manages “KC MediaHouse” and client facing/ accessible digital examples of Kennedy produced media so account team can reference work portfolio to help expedite and sell our creative catalog
  • Notifies the account executive when a job is completed, so s/he can review and close the job and alert accounting the job is ready to bill.
  • Works with media department to obtain publications’ specifications and extensions when necessary.
  • Monitors and manages voice of the customer responses and makes updates to Google My Business, Yelp and Facebook location page listings on behalf of clients.
Do You Have What It Takes?
  • Extremely organized with strong attention to detail
  • Proactive, efficient, and accurate
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office: Excel, Powerpoint, Word
  • Excellent communications skills both verbal and written
Compensation and Benefits
  • Salary commensurate with experience
  • Competitive full benefits package including 401(k)
  • Summer hours!
  • Fun, talented coworkers who are a blast to work with
  • Supportive work/life balance
To Apply

If this is the job for you, please send your cover letter and resume to with the subject Agency Project Coordinator.

Looking for an internship?
We’re not currently offering internship opportunities, but thank you for your interest.