Data &

Data that makes a difference

We’re experts in Google Analytics, highly customized conversion tracking, off-the-shelf custom programs and more. Our employees will be the first to tell you about the newest analytics and lead generation tools because we’re among the first to use them as we track and analyze the millions of visitors our websites see.
Advertising Agency, Data Company.
Beyond our employees with the actual job title, all of us are data analysts in one way or another because every service in our agency - search, social and otherwise - is informed by the numbers.
  • Cross-channel Attribution
  • Custom Measurement Projects
  • Custom Reporting
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Data Quality & Cleaning
  • Data Visualization
  • Event Tracking
  • Goal Tracking
  • Interactive Voice Response Systems
  • KPI Dashboards
  • Lead Tracking
  • Marketing Mix Modeling
  • Media Analytics
  • Measurement & Analytics Audit
  • Mobile Analytics
  • Performance Optimization
  • Social Analytics
  • Social Listening & Analytics
  • Usability Testing
  • UTM Tracking
  • Web Analytics

The KennedyC Difference

Deeper Data

When you receive a report from KennedyC, you’re obtaining insights that can only come from years of experience. We painstakingly sift through the noise of large data sets and deposit the gold, so you end up with the valuable insights that tell your company’s story and explain your consumer’s behaviors.
The Work
Why Data & Analytics are Important
We believe every agency needs to act like a data company. KennedyC uses data collection to determine how little changes in keywords, titles, and even Facebook posts can make a big difference, and the more data we collect, the better we are at finding and expanding the hidden trends behind your brand.